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"Today’s Good Eye was sorefreshing, stimulating yet calming for me. Just flat out a delight. When yousee people in this way they see you in this way right back. I need to bereminded of loving for “no good reason” but just because you love. Now, dancingwith abandon is one of my favorite things. Thanks, Terry, for Sabbath Moment."

"I find Sabbath Moment very inspirational. I keep alittle booklet of the quotes that move my soul Often I use quotes and phrasesin my work with the patients. "

"You paint such lovely wordpictures.  I can see what you are describing...and I want to come to yourisland with my camera.  Just reading your descriptions gives me a briefescape from the increasing difficulties...   Thank you for the moments of respite..."

"Dear Terry… you alwaysseem to hit a note or strike a chord in my life with your writing….. sometimesso lightly, but often with passionate harmony. I give God thanks for speakingthrough you in these poetic and meaningful notes of love and I give you thanksfor your openness in listening."